A new-school social club

We all have an idea of what happens at elite clubs and country clubs. How about a club that’s fun and more inclusive? At Fueled Collective, the only requirement for belonging is that you want to meet other interesting people. Our club is a place to be professionally social. A place where we gather and share life moments. Join us!

Let's meet at the bar

Arguably, humanity has accomplished more over cocktails than over laptops. So, let us pour you a drink. At 5 p.m., the bartender is IN. And she’s got a list of classic cocktails, as well as some zero-proof elixirs that can go toe-to-toe with any boozy swill.

Regular club happenings

We’ve created a calendar of member-only events, like guest-chef nights, wine, beer and spirit tastings, live podcast recordings, trunk shows, cocktail classes and more. As a club member, you can and will want to bring guests. So, start making your list of plus ones!

Members-only events

Life’s about more than work. We make sure club members have plenty of opportunities to play. Club activities include bike rides, learning fairs, family museum trips, crafty Saturdays, Parents’ Night Out and weekend campouts.

Clubs...within the club

We can imagine all sorts of kindred spirits that would love to connect:

• Book lovers
• Wine lovers
• Makers
• Runners
• Founders
• Travelers
• Cooks
• Knitters

But it’s not up to us. It’s up to you. Join the club and find your people!