Private offices at Fueled Collective

Introducing the not-so-shared office

If you’ve toured your share of coworking spaces, you’ve probably noticed that many of the suites are furnished like sardine cans – as many seats as possible. Startups especially, want to cram in as many workers as possible into a space in order to keep costs low.

But if you’re not a startup – or perhaps you’re the CEO of a startup and need your space – then a private office at Fueled Collective might be the thing for you.

An office optimized for a busy executive

Beyond what the name suggests, here’s what we mean by private office: it’s a suite that is optimized for one person – two people max – perhaps the CEO or the senior leader of a workgroup, plus an assistant. Your team may be in their own suite, or may work out in the coworking commons. But you have a place to focus, to have private conversations and to switch up your work style across the day.

"As a CEO, one of the main benefits to this format is that I spend most of my day in one of 2 modes – desk work or meetings. The private office allows me to conduct both and save my meeting hours for larger meetings." – Private office tenant

A better look than the typical coworking suite

Imagine bringing a prospective client into the typical coworking suite. Unless you kick everyone out, you can’t have a private conversation. What’s more, the space may not convey the image you’re trying to project about your company and you as the company’s leader. A private office makes some important statements that will resonate with others:

  • The company is successful enough that it can afford dedicated space for the CEO.
  • As the leader, you take your role seriously and guard your time and attention.
  • You have the appropriate setting for the work you need to do, including strategic and private conversations.

Furnished to support different modes of work

The goal of a private office is to help you be effective at the different work modes you’re likely to engage in across the day:

  • Sit/stand desk – supports focus work, whether you prefer to do it sitting or standing
  • Lounge seating – a combination of sofa and soft chairs allow for private conversations or group meetings
  • Work table – allows you to spread out, or work with a colleague
  • Whiteboards – support shared thinking and collaboration

A turn-key HQ without a long-term commitment

Your private office can be fully furnished, wired, and ready for you to move in. A six-month commitment is all we ask – from then on you can go month-to-month with complete flexibility.

The amenities of Fueled Collective right outside your door

With a traditional office, you get the benefits of your private office – a single room – but not much else. It’s you, all by your lonesome. On most days that might be adequate. But consider for a minute what it means to have your office at Fueled Collective. You also have access to:

  • Gigabit fiber Internet
  • Over a dozen different meeting rooms
  • Soft meeting spaces
  • A content recording studio
  • A social club
  • Event spaces
  • Enterprise grade printer/copiers
  • Ample open seating in the coworking commons

Equally important, your office at Fueled Collective sits amidst an vibrant community that includes:

  • CEOs
  • Corporate team leaders
  • Startup founders
  • Investors
  • Top-shelf consultants in technology, management and marketing

A private office can also be a “partner office”

A partner office at Fueled Collective

If you have a business partner, you can opt for a “partner office” – a space where the two of you can be productive together. A partner office centers on two sit/stand desks that face each other, but can have settings that support collaborative work, such as lounge seating, a work table and whiteboards.

Less cost, less hassle than leasing your own office

Although small offices are harder to find in the prime locations where Fueled Collective is located, you might be able to find something that is the right size and will appear cheaper up front. However, once you add in Gigabit fiber Internet (if that’s even available in the building), utilities and the cost of high-quality furniture, your monthly total probably will be more than you thought. And you’ll be completely alone in your office, without a community outside your door that offers talent, ideas, camaraderie and business opportunities.

Set yourself up for success with a private office

Create a zone where your time is maximized because you can switch work modes as you need to throughout the day. Give yourself the space to get more done and to have the right collaborations and conversations, whether that’s with clients, investors or your team members. Investing in a private office at Fueled Collective can set you on a path to productivity and success.

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