Northeast Meeting Rooms

  • Sociable

    Meeting room that comfortably seats 10

  • Indeed

    Private conversational setup that seats 4

  • NorthGate

    Small conversational room that seats 4

  • Bauhaus

    Meeting room that seats 8 people

  • The Studio

    The Studio is a meeting room designed for collaborative projects, strategic planning, or any group task.

Why meet at Fueled Collective?

Inspirational Spaces


Our members are doing the work of their dreams. So, we’ve selected and designed our spaces to be worthy of their ambitions. Stop by any of our Fueled Collective spaces.



Energy to Spare


Our spaces are overflowing with the energy of dreamers and doers. So, forget the hotel conference room – Fueled Collective is the kind environment where you and your colleagues can do your best thinking. See what it takes to become a member.



Innovation-Friendly Rooms


We believe in the power of collaboration and visual thinking, so at Fueled Collective you’re never far from a whiteboard or a flat-panel display. Want to book your next meeting at Fueled Collective? Let us know how we can help.