For a more sophisticated take on an otherwise traditional meeting environment, we’d love to invite you to our flagship workspace in the historic Grain Exchange at Minneapolis, Downtown. You can find our most expansive variety here, from classic boardrooms with generous daylight to our wood-paneled Classroom, which used to be the VIP lounge for Minneapolis Grain Exchange members.

  • Game Room

    The Game Room features whiteboard walls and space for up to 10 people

  • Library

    This room features whiteboard walls and seats up to 10 comfortably

  • Classroom

    An iconic, wood-paneled space with re-configurable tables, perfect for collaborative meetings between 12-50 people

  • Parlour

    This meeting room provides seating for up to 12 people, with ample whiteboard space

  • Menagerie

    The Menagerie comfortably seats up to 12 people, and lets in lots of natural sunlight

  • Sidecar

    With room for up to 4 people, Sidecar has floor to ceiling windows

  • Manhattan

    This productive and private space easily fits 3 people

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Why meet at Fueled Collective?

Inspirational Spaces


Our members are doing the work of their dreams. So, we’ve selected and designed our spaces to be worthy of their ambitions. Stop by any of our Fueled Collective spaces.



Energy to Spare


Our spaces are overflowing with the energy of dreamers and doers. So, forget the hotel conference room – Fueled Collective is the kind environment where you and your colleagues can do your best thinking. See what it takes to become a member.



Innovation-Friendly Rooms


We believe in the power of collaboration and visual thinking, so at Fueled Collective you’re never far from a whiteboard or a flat-panel display. Want to book your next meeting at Fueled Collective? Let us know how we can help.