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Guides & Resources for Planning a More Sensible Work Life

business meeting

3 Easy Steps Business Leaders Can Take to Reimagine Their Workplace Strategy

How do you build a strategy for yourself and team that includes a smaller HQ, a home office, and a third place? This guide will help you build a plan for the future, which starts today.

workspace planning checklist

All workspaces are not equal. This simple, easy to use assessment tool includes 14 questions to help you make the right workspace decisions for you and your team.
holiday party

8 Key Considerations for in-person holiday parties

To have a holiday party or not? Unfortunately, that is still the question. In this useful guide, we help you navigate the relentless uncertainty surrounding in person events and give you the tools to determine if an in person celebration is right for your organization.

Wedding Starter Kit

Downtown Minneapolis offers unprecedented opportunities to create an extraordinary wedding that you (and your guests) will not forget. This guide includes planning tips for a memorable downtown experience.