Fellowships at Fueled Collective

A program that gives deserving entrepreneurs access to Fueled Collective membership

Thanks to generous support from community businesses and organizations, Fueled Collective Fellowships provide deserving entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities–such as women, minorities, immigrants, veterans, LGBTQ identifying, and those with disabilities–access to Fueled Collective.

Fueled Collective Fellowships provide crucial business resources to these individuals and startups:

  • Instant network: Access to a community of over 1000 members in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Chicago
  • Five coworking locations from which to operate
  • Member-only activities including lunch ‘n learns, happy hours and networking events
  • Ongoing educational and skills-based sessions hosted at Fueled Collective
  • Access to Google for Startups partner resources and global network
  • Reciprocal visits to coworking spaces throughout the country via LeXC partnership

Sponsoring companies have included:

Bright Peak Financial

Atomic Data

Meet Our Fellows

Fueled Collective Member or Leader Profile Image

James Jones

Company: Spark DJ

Spark DJ is a music streaming service that combines DJ inspiration, seamless song transitions and requests from the crowd, giving users an exceptional party experience.

Sponsored by: Atomic Data


What inspires you?

Seeing people leverage their authentic selves, impacting the world, and Kendrick Lamar albums

Fueled Collective Member or Leader Profile Image

Brian Maurer

Company: Mutambo
Sponsored by: Sunrise Banks


What’s your superpower?

Kindness, programming, and perseverance.

Fueled Collective Member or Leader Profile Image

Sarah Moe

Company: Sleep Health Specialists

Sleep Health Specialists is a passionate group of professionals dedicated to improving the health and productivity of your teams through sleep health education.

Sponsored by: Clockwork


What inspires you?

Bringing joy and energy back to people’s lives through the power of sleep!


Read more about Sarah’s Fellowship in this: blog post.

Fueled Collective Member or Leader Profile Image

Tyrre Burks

Company: Player’s Health

Fundamentally changing the youth sports culture of how we care for an athlete’s health and manage that risk.

Sponsored by: COCO


What inspires you?

There is nothing more inspiring than witnessing someone achieve their dreams after hardwork, faith and perseverance.

Fueled Collective Member or Leader Profile Image

Claire DeBerg

Company: Cicada

CICADA is a boutique writing agency creating powerful content and bold communication pieces by a covey of savvy writers.

Sponsored by: The Foundation


What’s your superpower?

Content Calendaring. (Also creating new words.) I can meet with a friend, client or neighbor and within 5 minutes the vision of their content calendar spins up inside me: I can see the year-long plan for organizing their workout schedule, the daily social media plan across their various platforms or the bi-weekly planting scheme for their landscaping project. Content Calendaring is super and it’s powerful.

Fueled Collective Member or Leader Profile Image

Hussein Farah

Company: New Vision Foundation

New Vision Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a pathway to success by motivating disadvantaged youth in Minnesota through coding and digital literacy classes.

Sponsored by: Brightpeak Financial


What inspires you?

I’m always inspired by resiliency, especially by those who turn challenging situations into positive outcomes.


Read more about Hussein’s Fellowship in this: blog post.

Fueled Collective Member or Leader Profile Image

Henry Amoloja

Company: MUROL

MUROL is the first landscape mode mobile app that allows you to use your entire screen to display your amazing photos. No quality compromises, no size restrictions. See the bigger picture.

Sponsored by: COCO


What inspires you?

I am inspired by everything around me. Awesome people, nature, creatives, entrepreneurs, kids, cars, technology, books, chess, architecture