Fueled Collective Community Host

The Community Host has a very unique and important role on the Fueled Collective team. They are the first
touchpoint that many of our members and guests experience, while they must also maintain a keen
awareness of location activity and space maintenance during their scheduled shifts.

Community Hosts focus on delivering consistency of experience in what members see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. They make sure that all 5-senses are engaged with an exceptional level of hospitality.
Community Hosts have a strong sense of customer service, flexibility, adaptability, and detail to spatial

This position directly reports to the Director of Operations. Listed below are the Community Host’s areas of
accountability and the daily responsibilities of the position. Each Community Host is expected to be
adaptable to any project and task thrown their way.

Areas of Accountability:

  • Delivering exceptional experiences of hospitality daily to every member and guest who enters our Fueled Collective spaces – whether they are workspace members, meeting and event clients, or public guests.

  • Working efficiently to help solve member’s productivity needs and building relationships with current members, including those with coworking memberships and members in dedicated spaces.

  • Contributing to the daily maintenance of the space by participating in space cleanliness, tidiness, and small maintenance projects as needed.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Performing greeting desk responsibilities, such as staffing a front desk, answering general email inquiries, managing mailboxes, and packages, and fielding questions from members and guests about coworking, membership options, location & neighborhood staples, etc.

  • Supporting membership needs directly related to their workspace environment & Fueled Collective’s shared resources, such as maintaining a productive coworking commons, helping troubleshoot meeting room and printer technology, and more.

  • Assisting with membership requests, like notices of upgrades, downgrades, and cancellation requests, and fielding general inquiries about hosting meetings, events and exploring growth opportunities within Fueled Collective.

  • Managing a meeting room calendar, helping members book meeting space, and enforcing meeting room policies with members.

  • Ensuring the space looks and feels its best (cleanliness, tidiness, etc) at every moment.

  • Knowledgeable and responsive to every meeting/event/activity happening within the location.

  • Secondarily gives tours to membership, meeting and event prospects as needed.

  • Secondarily supports meetings and events as needed during the day, evening and/or weekend


Type of Position: Hourly, Part-time | evening and weekend availability preferred

Email your résumé and salary requirements to hello@fueledcollectivemn.com.

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