Executive Assistant

You’re a high-energy, organized, and experienced executive assistant with no problem juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. Supporting others is your thing. Satisfaction for you means taking care of the little (and big) things that help leaders lead more effectively.

This position’s primary focus is to partner with Kyle, the Cofounder & CEO and of the company, in ensuring his schedule, projects and commitments are executed flawlessly. You’ll be responsible for making sure his team, partners and peers have a high-touch, intimate and professional experience with him.

The Executive Assistant position might be PERFECT for you if you’re a positive, tech-savvy, and organized self-starter with experience in a similar role.

You’re excited to work with a team that’s making waves in the coworking and club industry. You also are committed to making work more enjoyable, convenient, and social. And you understand that more often than not, it’s the little things that really count (it’s this mentality that helps you excel in a support role).

As Kyle’s right hand, you’ll be representing him and the entire company — and yes, that is a big deal! You’ll be working closely with an industry leader and helping ensure he can keep his focus on business growth and big picture innovation.

We’re looking for someone who’s happy to keep up with the fast pace of our growing team. Our ideal candidate knows how to communicate with warmth and grace. Attention to detail and interpersonal skills that ensure discretion and confidentiality are essential.

A commitment to continuously learning, improving, and refining your skills is a part of who you are. As membership-based business spread across multiple cities and states, we do things differently and we need someone who’s adaptable and able to work independently most of the time.

We’re looking for a mature, experienced Executive Assistant who shows up daily with a get-it-done attitude and is always thinking ahead. If you’re the kind of person that thrives being surrounded by a diverse team of exceptional people dedicated to changing the lives of entrepreneurs all over the world, keep reading…

This is a full-time position — please don’t apply if you have other clients or manage a virtual assistant agency.

The Executive Assistant position can be mostly virtual, but you will work with Kyle in person 1-2 times each week. You must live in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area and be available Monday-Friday between 8-5 CST.

Sometimes there are projects that require all-hands-on-deck mode. This means evenings and weekends until the job is done, and it may even mean doing tasks that aren’t normally contained within the job description of this role. For many, this can be some of the most challenging and rewarding work that we do.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Executive Assistant is responsible for managing and organizing Kyle’s busy calendar and inbox. You must be a strategic thinker with clear, quick, and effective communication skills.

Your responsibilities will include…

  • Managing Kyle’s Google calendar, appointments, travel and some personal commitments.
  • Managing Kyle’s inbox and providing a high-level of responsiveness and problem solving skills aligned with a warm and professional attitude.
  • Being Kyle’s handler — you’ll be in charge of helping Kyle keep his time and schedule in order on his behalf.
  • Example duties include:
    • Helping plan and book travel
    • Ensuring Kyle hits his podcast quarterly deadlines
    • Always making sure Kyle is in the right place, at the right time
    • Working and collaborating with other key team members to schedule and execute new initiatives.
    • Helping to set up meetings using Zoom.
    • Writing, proofreading, and the ability to capture Kyle’s ideas and turn them into written text (emails, team communications, etc.)
    • Helping to manage files, documents, and photos in Google Drive while maintaining a Marie Kondo like organizational structure.

Skills and Abilities

The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

  • Past experience assisting an entrepreneur and/or CEO
  • A strong ability to manage multiple responsibilities daily. Set up calendar appointments, send out correspondence, track delayed payments, manage group settings, book travel…all in a day’s work!
  • You’re a thinker and a doer. You don’t need to be told what to do — you’re innovative, resourceful, and able to anticipate what needs to get done.
  • You must be a self-starter with the ability to be productive from your home office. Getting distracted by Instagram = no bueno.
  • A positive, high-energy attitude and get it done mindset that searches for solutions instead of focusing on struggles is essential. You think about your work in terms of outcomes and results, not hours worked.
  • Highly organized and able to anticipate calendar needs well beyond this week.
  • An interest in engaging with Kyle’s team, peers, and partners while communicating on Kyle’s behalf and doing so with grace.
  • A high level of professionalism and emotional maturity (we don’t do drama here).
  • Detail is your middle name. You have high standards and mediocre is not a word in your vocabulary.
  • You’re invested in becoming the best you can be and excited to work with a fun lovin’ team who’s happy to help you get there!
  • Responsive and communicative. You know how to close the loop and confirm assignments are received and completed.
  • Incredibly technically competent and current. You must understand how to manage the following systems:
    • Working knowledge of Google Calendar + G Suite
    • Working knowledge of Zoom meeting
    • Working knowledge of Mac products
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills — you have a knack for putting ideas into words and ensuring everyone is on the same page.  

Application Instructions:
If you’d like to be considered for this role please submit the following via the link below:

  1. Cover letter and PDF of your resume
  2. StrengthsFinder Top–5 Strengths Report (optional)
  3. Kolbe A Index Assessment (optional)
  4. Answer the following questions:
    1. What win are you most proud of in your experience of being an Executive Assistant?
    2. If this was your role, you would be managing Kyle’s email inbox. What is your process for effectively getting to inbox zero each day?
    3. Kyle is looking for a “Handler” – what does that mean to you and why are you the perfect Handler?
    4. We are looking for a calendar management ninja. Give us 3 reasons why that is you.
    5. Link to a 2-minute video introduction (We will not review videos longer than 2 minutes).

If you’re an experienced executive assistant, a total people person, and you love working with a team that’s making a difference in the world, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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