A better-than-virtual assistant service only for Fueled Collective members.

If your business is growing, then odds are you, the owner, are starved for time. Not enough time to catch up, much less get ahead. You might even be the bottleneck that is holding up your employees from moving more quickly.

Well, bottleneck no more.

Fueled Collective offers “Boost” – a service that lets you hire a Fueled Collective administrative assistant in small, affordable chunks of time. With a Boost assistant, you can be more effective and organized by offloading all the tasks you can’t or don’t want to do. You don’t have to worry about finding someone you can depend on– we’ve already done that for you! So rather than handing your to-dos off to someone you’ll never meet, boost your productivity with someone you can get to know and trust at Fueled Collective.

Monthly subscriptions available

  • 10 hours/mo. – $370
  • 20 hours/mo. – $700
  • 30 hours/mo. – $999

Services Offered:

Company purchasing*

From office supplies and company gifts, to recurring purchases, your Boost assistant can make purchases on your behalf and ensure they get to the right place or person on time.


Your Boost assistant can manage complex print jobs using Fueled Collective’s printers or communicate with print shops.

Filing & organizing

Clutter in the space, clutter in the mind. Your Boost assistant can organize files, storage areas, work stations, so that you feel as productive as possible.

Meeting logistics

Your Boost assistant can make sure that you have everything you need for your next big meeting. This includes meeting supplies such as Post-Its, Sharpies, whiteboards and markers, as well as food, coffee, and water. Your assistant can also send out pre-meeting reminders to make sure everyone you need is there.

Calendar management*

Your Boost assistant can help you manage inbound scheduling inquiries and figure out the who, what, where, and why. Most importantly, your assistant will manage your schedule so that it is organized (even if that means organized chaos) in accordance with your priorities so you have time to do what you do best.


Errands and deliveries

Your Boost assistant can handle any packages or priority mail that you need to have delivered. Or, do you want to surprise your team with donuts, but need someone to pick them up? No problem, your assistant can act as the runner for such errands – and will even refrain from eating all of them en route.

Data entry

Your Boost assistant can take a large amount of information such as business cards, client information, sales leads, etc., and enter them into your database management system, Google Sheets, or Excel document. This will be done in a timely and organized manner so it is easy to put to use and always up to date.

Travel research*

Don’t let travel planning be the source of your headaches any longer. Your Boost assistant will find the best flight options for you based on your timeline, budget, and travel preferences as well as look into travel logistics such as hotel, transportation, and reservations on your behalf. All reservations can be made for you upon request. Your assistant can also create an itinerary for your use when you are on the road.

Research, communications & liaison

Have you had your eye on a service, potential partnership, or vendor, but you just don’t have the time to check it out? Your Boost assistant can do a deep dive into that product or service on your behalf and report back with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Along those same lines, do you have a need but not the time to find who can best fill it? We will do the research to find out who can based on your preferences. Just call us professional Googlers.


Services Not-offered:
Boost does not cover marketing-related tasks such as design, social media management, content writing, reporting or website development/maintenance. Your assistant can’t handle any sales, legal services, accounting, or human resources work. Lastly, your assistant handles business related services only, not personal services.

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