You Guys are Like, My Muses

In the center of Uptown, in an old automotive garage, our community and collaborative co-working space is nailin’ it. New ideas and progressive work are busting up past ideals of business culture. Neck-ties are facing extinction as CEOs mingle with seasonal interns and attorneys chat with theatre producers. I’m pretty sure even the dogs are enjoying The Sex Pistols playlist. Feeling altogether too hip, the following buzzes around us:

  • Pots, and pots, and pots of fresh coffee being tapped
  • Fresh friendships born of cute dogs
  • Members acting as sounding boards for any and all projects
  • Declarations of job titles you’ve never heard of
  • Food from last night’s event on the free-bar
  • Meetings running late
  • Happy Hours starting early

It is my job to “manage” this community, but mostly, I listen and watch it nurture itself.

    The walls are filled with an eclectic range of professionals who show up not only to get things done, but to remember they’re not alone and to make connections with others who can keep up. I get to hear so many tales every day and I’m dying to share them with you. You may read about a business or two. Or perhaps about a member’s bulldog. Or their side project. Or coming from the corporate world into this anarchist-cluster where people have to put their own dishes in the dishwasher. This column is about people’s stories.