Twin Cities small businesses to watch

Spend a day working at Fueled Collective and you’ll find yourself immersed in a multitude of industries- you may chat with an attorney at the coffee bar, meet a graphic designer on your lunch break, or pass a referral along to a website developer while walking to a meeting room. The coolest part about these interactions? Uncovering the inspiring and unexpected innovation happening in the businesses of those you work alongside. Creativity and progress are ever present in the Fueled Collective community—  in honor of National Small Business Week, we’re celebrating three incredible companies making an impact in our spaces, and the Twin Cities’ entrepreneurial community at large.

Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center duo Dr. Cassie Wilder and Katherine Huber.

Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center
By combining conventional medicine and holistic wellness, Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center strives to marry the two forms of healthcare in a safe and effective way. The doctor and dietician duo, Dr. Cassie Wilder and Katherine Huber, integrate traditional medicine (testing, diagnosis, running imaging and bloodwork) with holistic practices (dietary lifestyle strategies, supplements, herbs, and nutrients) to help people overcome western diseases.

Dr. Wilder, who founded the company a year and a half ago, recalls “I had this different way of wanting people to interact with their doctors and healthcare team that was very genuine, very personal, very tech oriented and supportive. Interacting with your doctor doesn’t have to be sterile and clinicy in office with whitewashed walls— healthcare can be beautiful and it can be fun to consume.” At just 19 months old, the company is onboarding new members to its fast growing team, continuing to bring innovation to Minneapolis’ naturopathic community.

We Rise
This leadership collective is made up of formerly incarcerated women doing policy and systems change in a restorative, transformative, and healing justice lens. Within its first year, We Rise Founder Tonja Honsey was named a Soros Justice Fellow, and the non-profit launched its efforts to implement a probation cap and a fines and fees elimination to end poverty. In the year ahead, the non-profit will be working on a policy to ban the box on rental applications and classify them as discrimination if there’s not an imminent danger to fellow residents. They’ll also be introducing a primary caregiver bill, which would end incarceration for non-violent offenders that are primary caregivers for children.

Cedar Labs
Founded in 2013, Cedar Labs provides universal education data integration. What does this mean? Cedar Labs President and Co-Founder Mike Reynolds broke it down for us: “In education technology, there’s a bunch of different applications— there’s library systems, there’s student information systems, there’s gradebook systems. They all need to share information, but there isn’t really a single consistent way to do it. The great thing about standards is how many there are to choose from! So what we provide is this sort of centralized hub, where applications plug in and are able to speak whatever language they support. The hub then runs those incoming records through custom validations and transformations to make downstream integrations very straightforward.”

According to Reynolds, it can take companies some time to gain trust in the world of education technology, but over the past few years, the company has seen tremendous growth. “We’re currently implementing Massachusetts and Iowa statewide. We have a large portion of Australia. We’re on a growth spurt, which is where Fueled Collective has been so great. Until the last year or so we never had the need for traditional office space; but as we’ve grown there’s been a yearning to be able to work together.”

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