Think there’s a ton of coworking spaces? You ain’t seen nothing yet

It seems like coworking is the latest buzzword, but if you think coworking is big now, just you wait!

Shared workspace is the new frontier of the sharing economy, and it’s been growing so fast it’s been hard to keep up. But in coming years, experts predict we will see an exponential increase in users, options, and availability.

According to this report by Small Business Labs, they’re predicting global coworking spaces will more than DOUBLE by 2022.

So not only will the number of spaces increase dramatically in just 4 years, but the number of coworking users will increase even more. Yikes!

That’s exciting news for those involved in the coworking revolution. But here’s what it means on a practical level: More spaces, more options, and more people diving into the shared workspace realm.

So, what’s the cause of all this growth? An increasing number of freelancers, consultants and contract workers will drive some of the demand for coworking. But perhaps surprisingly, so will corporate workgroups.

The flexibility that coworking offers for corporations and small teams is crucial in reducing commitments to long-term leases, pricey overhead, and providing enough workspace options to keep employees happy.

The report also points out that niche coworking spaces will continue to grow rapidly. Spaces that place an emphasis on unique character traits will play their role in attracting a crowd that might not want to participate in a space like WeWork.

Just like selecting the right gym for your needs, coworking is about the feeling and the amenities offered that work for you.

As the global economy shifts to favor more self-employed and knowledge workers, these changes will begin to reshape the old model of what working looks like for the majority of people.

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