Take that Coffee To Go: How Moving from a Coffee Shop to a Coworking Space Will Make You More Productive

Do you prefer a chemex or pour-over? Yes, we’re actually talking about coffee. The drink that once cost 10 cents at a diner can now cost you north of 5 bucks.

A coffee shop can be the ideal first office
If you’re a freelancer or consultant, chances are you spend plenty of time at coffee shops. At its best, it’s a great place to work when you’re just starting out. There’s a buzz of energy from the activity and conversations nearby, and you’re anonymous and free to focus your work without anyone bothering you.

…until it’s not
But then there are those days, when you realize that the coffee shop can be a work-hostile environment. For instance, how frustrating is it trying to make a phone call or  join a web conference? Every time the barista froths a latte or a chair screeches on the floor, your microphone cuts out. It’s a disaster and, frankly makes you look about as professional as a college student.

How about being able to focus on work? Most of the times, it’s fine. But that conversation at the next table with the two college friends talking about last nights exploits? You’re staring down a serious deadline, but you can’t stop yourself from eavesdropping! Which kills your productivity.

Time to start looking?
It’s no surprise that so many solopreneurs eventually search for a more professional environment, where it’s possible to take phone calls undisturbed, meet clients and make connections that help your business. And where you’ll meet your tribe: the people who are also on the solopreneur journey!

Fueled Collective welcomes you
If you’re in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, that search may lead you to Fueled Collective, Minnesota’s original and strongest coworking community. We offer 4 locations – Downtown, Uptown and NE Minneapolis, as well as St. Paul. Bonus extra: we have a space in Chicago’s West Loop, in case you ever spend time there.

But why should you make the switch? What’s in store for you there that you can’t get at home or at the coffee shop?

Choose an environment that was made to host businesses like yours
Let’s talk brass tacks. As a solo business owner, you have certain needs that are simply not going to be met at Joes’ Java Hut, like:

  • Internet that doesn’t cut out
  • A professional setting for meeting with clients
  • A quiet place to make a phone call or join a web conference
  • Hosts who greet you and your clients with more than “for here or to go?”
  • Access to 4 locations, so you can choose to work or meet wherever it makes sense that day

Get motivated, not by drummers and sk8trs, but by other business owners
The randomness of coffee shop patrons is truly entertaining. But they say, you’re as successful as the people you surround yourself with. That’s why hanging out with other business owners is such a boost to your own venture. If only by eavesdropping, at Fueled Collective you will hear how other solopreneurs are dealing with legal dilemmas, marketing issues and client relationships. Besides the free gourmet coffee, there is nearly unlimited ideas and free advice on tap.

As you get to know your fellow members, you will be inspired and motivated by their stories. How they got into business. How they overcame their own personal challenges to grow their business. What they hope to accomplish. It’s better than reading self-help books, because you’re literally surrounded by success stories in progress. Don’t blame us if you get the bug and end up deciding to turn your freelance practice into a full-blown firm with employees. It happens all the time at Fueled Collective.

Take advantage of all the experts, resources you now know
One of the great side benefits of working amongst other solopreneurs is that you have go-to people when you need expert advice, resources for projects, or ideas on how to improve your business. It’s highly likely that if you encounter a need, another member has experienced it before you and can offer helpful advice. Or if you need a specialist for one of your projects, there are members who do that kind of work. As you will find that as you get to know other members, and they come to realize that you’re good at what you do, you will start to get referrals to clients and invitations to collaborate on projects. Yes, membership does indeed have its privileges.

Go from being anonymous…to part of a community
File this under “unintended consequences” because you were looking for a workspace, not a social club. But a strange thing happens when you join Fueled Collective. At some point, you’ll realize that you’re no longer the lonely misfit who insists on being self-employed instead of taking a nice, safe corporate job, but that you’re normal! You’re normal because as you look around the room, you see a couple dozen other solopreneurs who get it. They too experience the impossible deadlines and difficult clients. They also know the elation of winning  big account or getting a huge check in the mail! Welcome to your tribe.

A plan and price you can afford
You may be used to spending $5-10 a day at your local coffee shop ($10-20 if you buy lunch). So, what does it cost to have all the advantages of a membership at Fueled Collective. Surprisingly little. As in $12 a day, with our Full-Time plan, which lets you visit day or night, 365 days a year. But you can also join with less expensive plans that allow you to visit 5 or 14 times per month. It all depends on what works for you.

A tax deduction you’re going to need
Oh, and did we mention taxes? Coffee shop receipts are no longer deductible, whereas your Fueled Collective membership is fully deductible expense.

Caffeinate your business by joining Fueled Collective
When you add up the hard and soft benefits of a shared office space like Fueled Collective, it’s hard not to see your membership as an investment – one that starts paying back right away. What are you waiting for – join today!