Sponsor students in Minneapolis to Silicon Valley

This quarter, Fueled Collective wants to help launch the curriculum of an immersive four-year program for talented students in underserved communities who are capable of becoming the next generation’s tech leaders.

Sixteen Minneapolis students with the Silicon North Stars program will travel to Silicon Valley this month to explore tech giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube and experience what it looks like to become leaders in technology.

The students will tour campuses, learn and be mentored from thought leaders and influencers, and participate in a design thinking workshop where the students will create their own startup ideas with teams to solve a social issue using technology.

We’ve partnered with Silicon North Stars since its creation and this year, we aim to be more proactive – we’re asking our members to help sponsor students to Silicon Valley. As a community filled with founders, solopreneurs and employees working in technology, we believe that we have stake in contributing to the growth of the next generation in tech.

Each student’s programming to Silicon Valley costs $2500 – and we believe each of our four locations in Minnesota are capable of sponsoring a student’s learning.

If you’d like to join our team in sponsoring students to Silicon Valley, you can donate here. We’ll accept donations for a month, when we’ll announce the final contribution during the Silicon North Stars Demo Day in Minneapolis, where students will pitch their startup ideas to a panel of judges at Fueled Collective Downtown on the evening of Aug. 2. We hope you can join us!

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