“No, really, what is it like there, now that you’re Fueled Collective?”

Personal thoughts on a question we’re pretty sure some folks are thinking, but are too polite to ask.

A good question, especially if you haven’t paid us a visit since we changed our name to Fueled Collective last February. (Why did we do that?). 

It’s a question that Steve Johnson gets a lot. He’s has been the much-loved member success manager at our St. Paul location for 3-and-a-half years.

“I tell them that not much has changed. Pricing is the same, meeting rooms are the same, and we have the same open/close time as before. And I’m still here.”

We haven’t changed our spots…
Despite the name change, we haven’t changed that much. COCO, now Fueled Collective, is Minnesota’s first and strongest coworking community, where so many companies got their start or found their stride. It’s a legacy that nobody can match.

And we’re still devoted to “true coworking.” What that means that a huge amount of our real estate is set aside as commons, where people are free to work, meet, socialize and connect. It’s a stark contrast to what you see in some places – rabbit warrens of private offices, with only a tiny number of “coworking” seats.

We’re also investing in community by expanding our team and spending lots of time talking about and training on how to help members have a deeper coworking experience. From solopreneurs to business owners with teams, we want members to have those productive collisions that result in new ideas, new clients – in short, new opportunity.

But cheers to the future
Of course, we’ll be foolish not to steal from the Fueled Collective franchise where it makes sense. As you may know, the central idea behind the franchise concept is to inject hospitality into coworking. There’s a bar, a social club and catered events. All wrapped in great design. Locally, we hope to bring some of those hospitality elements into the business. But it takes time to do well and non-disruptively. I won’t provide any details, lest I be made a liar by some change in financing or construction plans. But to all the members who’ve asked, “when are you going to bring in the bar?” – we’re working on it!

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