Meet Fueled Collective Star Host Matt Christenson


We are excited to be launching a series of “Star Host Evenings” at Fueled Collective Downtown. One night a month, we’re inviting influential members in the Fueled Collective community to act as the “Star Host” of our Social Club. Get to know this month’s Star Host below, and come meet him for yourself Tuesday, October 22nd at 4pm. 

If you’ve been around Fueled Collective long, there’s a good chance you’ve met Matt Christenson. The WordPress developer, foodie, and acoustic musician is a thriving force in the Fueled Collective member community and is always willing to offer a website tip, SEO solution, or recipe for an incredible dip. 

Having been a Fueled Collective member for almost six years, Matt joined the community for the human connection. “I’m a geek, but I’m also an extrovert, I just like to be around people— so I can geek out for days, but I also need human interaction. I love getting out of the house and being with people and being in the space with everyone. I think that’s one of my favorite things.” 

Matt’s company, GEEK, with a personality, specializes in WordPress website design, development, training and maintenance, and search engine optimization. After getting his first computer in 1985 (an Apple llc which he still has), his love for technology was born. He has now been in the web design business for eight years and uses WordPress to create clean, easy to navigate websites. 

Matt is also a driving force in the WordPress Wednesday community, a group of WordPress enthusiasts who cowork at Fueled Collective together once a week. All skills and interest levels are welcome at WordPress Wednesdays, and no formal agenda is in place. It’s simply an opportunity to collaborate and work together. 

Outside of Fueled Collective, you can find Matt exploring the Twin City restaurant scene, relaxing in his recliner, or playing pickleball. Another fun fact about Matt? One of his favorite drinks is rum punch, which comes from a vacation story you’ll have to ask him about at our upcoming Star Host Evening. We had to make the featured drink of the night… Matt’s Rum Punch!

Visit the Fueled Collective Social Club Tuesday October 22nd to get to know Matt, learn about GEEK, with a personality, and network with fellow Fueled Collective members. Challenge Matt’s favorite dip with your own favorite recipe and we’ll have a dip taste test. Or challenge Matt with your stubborn website struggles during a WordPress Q&A.