Fueled Collective plays kickball & raises money for Playworks

Earlier this month a team of our members advanced to the semi-finals of the 2018 Playworks Annual Kickball Tournament – the semi-finals of the consolation round, but we’re only going to mention that once.   

Since most of our team didn’t know each other until they met on the field, we treated the first game as our warm-up. We quickly learned that we were up against some of the baddest teams around, ones who’d been showing up to this tournament for years, and weren’t handing victory over easily.

Yet because Fueled Collective is full of ambitious and resilient team players (see photos of our roster below), we got a feel for our strengths quickly and stood our ground through sweltering heat and drizzling rain all the way to the end of the afternoon (right before we sprinted to Bauhaus for happy hour) where we were quite fortunate enough to play in the semi-finals.

While we raced as fast as our capable legs could carry us between the bases, and kicked the ball further than any of our competitors could ever dream (except, we suppose, for the finalists), we also raised over $3600 for the Playworks organization, a nonprofit that focuses on developing social and emotional skills for kids at play right here in our community.

Special thanks to Google for sponsoring the event, and additional donations from Right Source Compliance, Traust Consulting, phData, Davis Law Office and Ladenburg Thalmann – and to all our supporters who donated on Friday. Thanks for helping us make a difference for kids in our very own community.  

Check out our incredible team roster below and if you see one of our players around – be sure to give them a shake of the hand or a friendly nod. Next year, plan on joining us. We’ve got more work to do.

Team Roster