Recap: CoCo Pitch Night 2015

Fueled Collective pitch night 2015 was a huge success. We saw hardware, software, service business models and everything in between. Each disruptive in their own way. As we listened to the presenters in our garage I couldn’t help but realize how many amazing companies we have right here in our backyard. It was also great to see so many female entrepreneurs in attendance. The two finalists, as voted by the audience, have been submitted to Google for Entrepreneurs following in the footsteps of last year’s winners Docalytics and Kidizen. The winner will be selected and invited out to pitch at Google Demo Day in early April. We were able to crowdsource the voting thanks to the software provided by one of our member companies, VoiceHive. You can learn more about all the startups that presented by visiting the list here.

Fueled Collective Pitch Night Winner: CoSchedule
Fueled Collective Pitch Night Winner: Playtabase

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Please join us in wishing CoSchedule and Playtabase the best of luck on the next leg of their journey.