DreamCast Episode 16: Anna Love-Mickelson


“You can prototype almost anything for less than $20”

Anna Love-Mickelson
Partner at stoke.d

If you had to guess, what time of year are people most likely to start a new business? It turns out that a huge number of people launch (or at least, they file their paperwork with the state) in late winter and early spring.

Makes sense, right? Three or four months after making a New Year resolution or getting your year-end bonus, you’re ready to launch. That means that right now, in the dead of winter, there are thousands of wannabe entrepreneurs plotting and planning their new venture.

Since ‘tis the season, we decided to devote the next three episodes to “the art of the start.” We want to know what it takes to create a new business that with some luck (and tons of hard work) is going to succeed.

Today, we give you Part One – an interview with Anna Love Mickelson, who has helped tons of people from big and small organizations design better products and services. Anna’s work and perspective comes out of Design Thinking, an approach that can generate huge breakthroughs. The best part? It’s a process that is also cheap and replicable.

Listen to this episode of the DreamCast and see if you don’t agree. The methods Anna describes could easily help you avoid the mistake of putting all your effort into a “me-too” business. Instead, you can design something extraordinary and stand out in a crowded world.

Show Notes:

Stanford D.School
Stanford D.School Mix tapes
Design Kit

Change by Design by Tim Brown
The Dip by Seth Godin

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