Coworking: Office Space for Rent with Perks

Looking for the next office space to call your home?

Maybe you’re a solopreneur with a startup online business. Maybe you’re a small group of innovators looking for a space to collaborate. Or maybe you just want to know what the heck all this “coworking” hype is about.

Well, you’re in the right place!

Why Cowork?

The traditional model of entrepreneurship isn’t always the right answer anymore. As real estate prices in city centers skyrocket and as mobile technology makes growing a business easier, more and more people are turning to a new model – coworking – to solve their space needs.

Coworking allows people of all different backgrounds and disciplines to find a space—meaning a desk, conference room, or unassigned space in a communal area—where they can collaborate and work toward their business goals.

But why is coworking better than finding your own office space? In short—overhead.

According to this article from the Huffington Post, the average startup can expect to pay $10-$50 per square foot on office space alone—depending on the city.

In contrast, the starting cost for a semi-private, group campsite at Fueled Collective is $1,275 per month.

At that price, you and your team not only have desks and space to collaborate, but you get access to a ton of complimentary perks like high-speed Wi-Fi, gourmet coffee and tea, full kitchens and more.

Not to mention, you get to work alongside other small teams and individuals who are also running their own businesses in various disciplines and industries.

Isn’t coworking just like…a millennial thing?

Yes, millennials can largely be credited for the rise in the “sharing economy,” but in recent years, coworking is drawing a much more diverse crowd.

Not only can groups and startups find what they’re looking for in a collaborative office space, but freelancers, solopreneurs, and remote workers can find a designated space to work productively (and it probably costs a lot less than hanging around coffee shops all day…)

Coworking can offer a place for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to bounce ideas off others, network on a daily basis, and attend different events and workshops that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to if they were going it alone.

Okay, but what if my business grows and coworking doesn’t fit for us anymore?

A typical office space usually will make you sign a lease for up to 3 years, but at Fueled Collective we know that entrepreneurs and growing businesses value flexibility when making financial commitments.

That’s why all of our leases only come with a six-month commitment. After that you can transition to a month-to-month lease, giving you the flexibility any new business needs.

Coworking allows you to not only scale and grow in line with your company’s bottom line, but it can also give  you the flexibility to work from multiple coworking locations, change your lease, or change your plan.

For instance, if you start out at Fueled Collective as yourself and another partner but expand to a team of eight or more, you can upgrade your plan to get your own office space or a semi-private campsite and still get all the perks that a standard Fueled Collective membership offers

No matter where you are in your business journey, coworking is an affordable and flexible option that will allow you to focus on what matters—your business—instead of managing all the overhead expenses.

If you want to learn more about coworking and the plans that Fueled Collective offers, call us or schedule a tour today!