Coffee & Closers with Ali Farnsworth

This month at Coffee & Closers, our event partner, Mickeli Bedore of Bedore Business Group talked with founder and CEO of Technology Solutions Group, Ali Farnsworth. Ali shared some of her tips with us and here are a few I walked away with:

  • Set your base metrics and keep yourself accountable to them – for Ali, this is 10 face-to-face meetings per week.
  • Use testimonials and case studies on your website and it’s a bonus if they have recognizable logos.
  • During a sales process, giving concessions is the kiss of death – draw your line in the sand and leave it there.
  • Constantly be building your pipeline and don’t get complacent about it. Make sure to fill your pipeline with different sized deals to keep a nice spread of small, medium, and large deals.

Tools Ali Recommends:
Pipedrive – CRM and sales management
Linkedin – Networking and prospecting
MileIQ – track your mileage

Ali’s Book Recommendations:
Scaling Up
True North

Thanks to our event sponsor, Triton Commerce! Join us next month on Tuesday, December 12 where we’ll hear from Ryan Padget, Senior Sales Director at Infor.