Coffee & Closers with Aaron Eggert


On Tuesday, October 10, we co-hosted another Coffee & Closers during Twin Cities Startup Week. This month our event partner, Mickeli Bedore of Bedore Business Group talked sales process, self-discipline, and relationship building with Aaron Eggert, President of workspace furnishing and technology experts, iSpace Environments. Here are a few high points that Aaron hit on during his interview:

  • Successful salespeople know how to identify the pain that a business is facing and clearly pitch how they can solve that pain for them.
  • A sales process is not rocket science, it is mostly self-discipline. Following a practiced and documented sales process for each prospect will make things happen.
  • Try not to make a cold call. Lean into your network and find a way to get a warm introduction or strategically network so that you meet that decision maker you want access to.
  • The last 5% of the sales process is the most important. You need to have the proper team in place to deliver on the promises that you make during the sales process.

Aaron’s Book Recommendations:
The Trust Edge
Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Aaron’s Podcast Recommendations:
Anything Tim Ferriss
Design Matters
Stories from the Sales Floor

Thanks again to our event sponsor, Mobile Composer! We hope you’ll join us for next month’s Coffee & Closers on Tuesday, November 14 where we’ll hear from Ali Farnsworth, founder and VP of Sales of Technology Solutions Group.

What is Coffee & Closers?
Coffee & Closers is a monthly event where you’ll hear from a local sales leader. The goal of this gathering is for attendees to authentically receive process design, tools used, and tips on what works to successfully grow revenue. You’ll get a peek into some of the top sales minds that took places like When I Work, Fision, and Infor from good companies to great companies. This series for entrepreneurs, small businesses, intraprenuers, solopreneurs, nerds, creators, inventors & everyone in between!