COCO is now Fueled Collective. We’re having some feelings.

Well, it’s official – we are now Fueled Collective. After 8+ years as COCO, we made the official switch today. You can read more about the reasons behind the change here.

In the scheme of things, this is actually a fairly superficial change. Other than the name and logo, very little will be different. If you were to visit us tomorrow, you’d be greeted by the same great staff. You’d see the same members working on their big ideas.

Nonetheless, it’s an emotional moment and causes us to gratefully remember the people and events that brought us here. We think about the early days of COCO, when coworking was a fledgling movement and most definitely not a multi-billion-dollar industry.

If you’ve been at COCO for some time, you might recognize some of the people and events we’ve listed below. The list is by no means comprehensive, so please forgive any omissions. (We’ll most likely add to the list as memories come back to us!)

It’s interesting to note that our earliest members weren’t interested in productivity, per se. Sure they had to get work done, but what drew them to COCO was an eagerness to meet like-minded people, folks who were also open, curious and engaged. Of course, as coworking has gone mainstream, that’s no longer the driving force. But for some of us it’s still the ideal. 

Some people insist that coworking is really about commercial real estate. But we’ve never seen it that way. It always seemed to us that COCO served a need of a higher order – the desire to be known and to know others. To belong to a tribe of sorts. Even changing the name on the door will not alter this basic belief. If anything, the added social and hospitality focus of Fueled Collective will give us more ways to fulfill on the idea of helping people make connections, build relationships and then do great things with each other.

We are extremely grateful for everyone who made the COCO portion of the journey what it was. In the list below are some beautiful people who made our lives immensely richer. Thank you. Hope you can join us on the next leg of the trip!

Don & Kyle 

A stroll down memory lane

  • Kyle and Don fell in love with coworking during Zack and Amy’s coworking experiment in November 2009.
  • A few thousand dollars in IKEA furniture later, we were ready to open the doors.
  • Several good samaritans, Gary, Amy, Brandi, Rachele & Desarae, volunteered to help us paint the new space.
  • Our creative friend Kyia came up with the name COCO.
  • The day we opened, Jan 4, 2010, was the same day construction began on the Green Line – right outside our front door. We secretly wondered if we were doomed.
  • Phil and Brian gave us our first promotional video.
  • Mykl of SMBMSP hosted our “coming out” party.
  • Mike and Robert of Comfy Chair signed up on the spot for the first group membership.
  • Duckstrap, Barnett, McIntee & Chuckumentary were quick on the UpTake
  • Dave showed up in his tassel loafers. He continues to show up between contract gigs, adding something to the community each time.
  • Dori and Mary were early COCO citizens who launched Kidizen.
  • Mayor Rybak enticed us to come to Minneapolis and mentioned this cool place he knew about, which he later dubbed the “Brain Exchange.”
  • Teke practically invented the art of community building
  • Cem and Casey brought the hustle of Project Skyway to the Grain Exchange.
  • Chris doctored pitches for many a hapless founder
  • Robert and a team of brilliant members lit up the Lite Brite.
  • Mayor Rybak brought Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and a couple dozen media folks to visit COCO in 2011.
  • Josh and Jill built a double-digit consulting empire on the trading floor.
  • Kris, Dan, Jeffry and the Irishman taught us how to “be.”
  • Davis discovered and met a huge demand for no-nonsense lawyering.
  • Zach & Zachary met at COCO, which sparked the launch of Particle.
  • Bob put his heart, head and tail into a new microdistillery.
  • Justin, Lindsi and Dan attended a class and went solo in a big way.
  • Josh, Colin and Zack bought pizza and taught us about SEO.
  • Robert and Nils combined their talents and forged a serious software biz.
  • Dessa, Nora, Robert, Will, Chris and Greg made Camp COCO a mind-altering experience.
  • Phil magically transformed a mobile dev shop into Buzzfeed Minneapolis.
  • LeadPages spent 2014 with us in St. Paul, growing their staff by 800%.
  • Doug built up a sizeable org devoted to saving the Boundary Waters.
  • Tyrre slayed Silicon Valley at Demo Day.
  • Cullen went from intern to IoT engineer, with many stops along the way.
  • Mo, Quinton and Neil proved that writing (and class) are still in great demand.
  • To this day, Ben, David and Ted are still in competition for longest standing member.