Camp COCO: A Weekend of Moments

Photo Credit: Justin Cardinal

It’s been Fueled Collective’s job for almost 6 years to get doers and dreamers to the same party. At our first Camp Fueled Collective, that party involved a monk, a ropes course, and lasted for two days straight. Figuratively, but perhaps slightly literally—who’s idea was it to park the craft beer truck outside the dorms? (Seriously though, thank you Matt Kenevan!)

Jokes aside, I witnessed so many interactions that made the weekend feel successful. Business ideas were being scribbled on napkins in the Dining Hall and thoughtful feedback was circulating the bonfire. I felt the excitement of campers and my Fueled Collective team, knowing all weekend that we were a part of something big. Something that was getting us closer.

An aspect of my job day to day is to encourage members to participate. Has your Community Manager ever gotten you to partake in a Chili Cook Off or compete in an ugly sweater contest? First of all, let me just say, thank you. You’re making a difference showing up in your reindeer sweater, believe it or not. It’s important to participate, and after experiencing Camp Fueled Collective I can tell you exactly why.

Participating increases the opportunities for moments to occur. Moments that pivot people’s lives from one direction to another. Moments where feelings are felt profoundly enough to inspire a first step. Moments where one realizes they aren’t alone, but instead—surrounded.

These moments surely won’t happen all of the time, but there are climates that breed them. At Camp, we were able to prolong a breath of that magic we feel every once and a while and offer some uninterrupted time to seek, listen, and share.

After the bonfire fizzled out late on Saturday night, a few of us ran to the deck to look at the stars. There was singing, laughing, some silence, and a few shooting stars. I ended my night thinking about how small we are compared to the wilderness, and how much difference we can make in the world. I can only assume my fellow campers and the North Shore are entirely to blame.


Thank you to everyone who came and made their mark. I was asked a few times to pick out my favorite part of the weekend, and all I can say is, it all mattered! See you next year, Camp Fueled Collective!