Is your small business in the awkward “tweens?”

As with kids, the tween years of business are an awkward stage. You’re not too small, but you’re not yet big. For you the business owner, that means wearing all the hats and dealing with lots of uncertainty. Here are some steps you can take to minimize the awkwardness.

Alumni reconnect on COCO Day

Fueled Collective is an ideal gathering place for businesses

Ever since we changed our name to Fueled Collective, we’ve had alumni say, “we still call you COCO,” to which we say, “that’s fine by us.” COCO is our history and it represents more than the former name of a company. It was the original coworking community for many of us. Where we launched ventures …

“So, are you guys, like, a big corporation now?”

Personal thoughts on a question we’re pretty sure some folks are thinking, but are too polite to ask. “Congratulations on selling your business!” is a comment I still get from people. That’s understandable. In most cases, when a quirky local company changes its name, it’s because an acquisition has taken place. And we know how …