AIGA UX Meetup Recap: Software for Good


With a summer heatwave underway, it was the perfect day to head indoors for AIGA’s July UX Meetup at Fueled Collective, Uptown. The morning featured a presentation by Kyle Werstein and Ryan Bridge of Software for Good. Kyle, a designer, and Ryan, a developer, shared how Lean UX helps their team communicate more effectively and build better products.

They kicked things off with an introduction to Software for Good, a company that blends advocacy and technology by partnering with clients who work towards positive social change. After an overview of their latest projects, including a mobile app redesign for Twin Cities Pride, Kyle and Ryan dove into the focus of the day’s discussion: communication.

They walked through a high-level overview of Lean UX, stressing principles like early customer validation, collaborative design, and a focus on solving problems rather than building the “next cool feature.” At Software for Good they put these principles into practice by constantly iterating and involving designers, developers, and clients every step of the way. This “bite-sized” iteration allows them to get frequent feedback and make small adjustments as they go. According to Kyle this often means sharing in-progress work and abandoning the quest for pixel-perfection many of us were taught in school.

I left the meetup with an empowering take away – Lean UX is not hard. Anyone can do it. As they put it, “You have napkins and a voice? You can do Lean UX.”

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll go grab some napkins and get started.

You can download their slides here.