A new resource for “indypendent” workers

We’re excited about a new website, Indypendently, which was just launched by the team at Minneapolis-based marketing consulting and staffing firm Antenna. Indypendently is written by, for and about solopreneurs (you may call yourself a freelancer, consultant or solo worker). The site features articles by soloists, which cover everything from the considerations of going solo (“Should I?” “Shouldn’t I?” “How in the world will I?”) to some of the finer points of keeping your business going strong.

Below is a smattering of what you’ll find on the site. We look forward to seeing more!

Why selling is your most important skill
After public speaking, selling is a top fear for many people. But it’s essential for solopreneurs. Jake Jorgovan shows a different way to think about selling and how you can get good at it.

Why I quit my corporate job and went indepentent.
Brendon, the founder of Indypendently, talks about the event that caused him to go solo.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? One Freelancer Debates Taking the Leap
Stephanie Vos interviews Nate Kosberg, who started his thrifting business, The Finer Things, back in 2010 and has learned some lessons along the way.

How to Plan Ahead for Taxes as a Freelancer
Nobody likes doing taxes. But as a business owner, they’re a must. This article tells you some of the basic things you can do to keep your finances in order – so that tax time isn’t so torturous!