About Fueled Collective

Establish a new work groove with Fueled Collective, the Twin Cities original flexible workplace.

Our values are the foundation of our community and our identity as a company. We truly believe that we are fueling the journey of small businesses and their leaders who are trailblazers. We provide trailblazers a place for working, meeting, growing and entertaining. This is what has shaped our business decisions over the past 10+, making us an industry leader.

As a company we strive to be:

  • Refreshingly Human
  • Artfully Masterful
  • Constantly Adapting
  • Relentlessly WOWing
  • Always Abundant
  • Diligently Accountable

We offer private offices, semi-private workspaces, flexible individual members, and virtual membership. Being a member at Fueled Collective means you’re part of a community that’s built for productivity, networking and collaboration. If you’re ready to work, meet, grow & entertain with us, learn about our memberships here.

Fueled Collective facts

  • Founded as COCO Coworking in 2010 in Lowertown St. Paul, MN
  • Founders: Don Ball and Kyle Coolbroth
  • 2 locations in Minneapolis
  • Launched Fueled Collective as a national franchise in 2018

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